May 26 2010

isn't it almost june?

I know better than to pay attention to the weather more than a week out.  But I leave for Lake Tahoe in eight days, and I sure would feel a lot better about the idea of spending a day on my bike if the current forecast didn't look like this:

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May 11 2010

hog hootenanny

And then, after my ride, I feasted.
I had been waffling on whether or not I was going to attend the pig roast.  Matyas – of KttD fame – had invited several of my friends and me up to the hinterlands of northern Maryland to dig on some swine.  It sure sounded like a good time, but my concern was that she lives way out in the sticks.  And I was already planning to spend the day in different sticks, wearing myself out.  The pig roast would make for a very long day.  Ultimately, however, Matyas and Emma Peel wore me down.  (The promise of delectable pig meat didn’t hurt either.)  And so I headed home as soon as I finished riding, took a quick shower, and hopped on the Metro to meet up with Emma, our friend Megan, and Emma’s friend Andy who was in from out of town.

The evening was windy and unseasonably cold, so for some people that might have been the most memorable aspect of the occasion.  Others might focus on the pig on the spit and the chickens on the smoker and the seventeen types of desserts and describe the event as delicious.  And others still might reflect upon the lonely middle-aged man serenading the unattended children in the gazebo with unfortunate Indigo Girls covers and classify the gathering as creepy.  But for my money, the hootenanny was positively Dickensian.  Allow me to explain.

I was invited to the pig roast by Matyas, with whom I went to college.  She invited my friends because after three years of attendance at Karaoke to the Death she had become friendly with them on her own terms.  Last weekend, while out on the town, Emma met Matyas’ younger sister, who I always forget lives in DC.  That would be strange enough, but it turns out that Emma and Matyas the younger attended Ohio University at the same time and knew some of the same people.  But wait, there’s more: Andy – Emma’s friend from out of town, who used to live in DC – turns out to be old friends with Paxton, who is the younger Matyas’ long-time boyfriend.  And Paxton – who is from Cleveland (which I didn’t know until this past weekend) – is also friends with Megan’s brother.  (I guess they were once at the same bachelor party, which was apparently a very funny story that I never did hear thanks to Megan.)  And to top things off, a fellow guest of Paxton’s lived at the same time as me in the orphanage from which I was eventually adopted and he found out after I left that his biological father was the scoundrel who taught me way back when to pick pockets (which was the only way I managed to stay alive on the mean streets of Toledo, Ohio), and that the haughty ingenue in my adopted family with whom I fell madly and inappropriately in love was, in fact, his sister.

It’s a small world.

Feb 6 2010


Feb 5 2010

fifteen feet of pure white snow

The current headline on is that the "Incoming snowstorm [is] likely to be historic."  Conservative estimates are calling for sixteen inches of snow.  Seriously.  The always-subtle local weather hype machine is calling it "Snowmageddon" because they already used "Snowpocalypse" earlier this year.  My company decided late this afternoon to close the office tomorrow, so my plan is to stay up late watching The Day After Tomorrow, the Hoth scenes of The Empire Strikes Back, and the "Mr. Plow" episode of The Simpsons six times.  Then, since I don't have to go to work, I have all day to craft a shocking KttD-related press release which will rock the cutthroat world of bad karaoke to its very core.  Stay tuned!

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Dec 19 2009

the view from a room

Jun 17 2009

QotD: What is it too soon for?

What is it too soon for?

Submitted by Design Shark.

I’ll admit, Question of the Day, that this one threw me at first.  You see, most people complain about something they can’t wait for, rather than something that has arrived prematurely.  In fact, about the only thing most people complain about coming too soon (other than, ahem, coming too soon) is the annual holiday creep.  And they’re right.  Frankly, Christmas decorations could show up in stores on December 22 and that would still be too early.  But that’s not very timely now, is it?  I do enough complaining about Christmas after Thanksgiving; I don’t need to go there in June.

Ordinarily I might opine that it’s too soon for the brutal DC summer, but the weather has been rather mild and tolerable lately.  So I guess it’s too soon to start training for that marathon.  The month since I signed up has just flown by.  I didn’t run much before the big ride in Tahoe, because I didn’t want to risk jeopardizing that ride with an injury.  And I haven’t run enough since the big ride because I tweaked something in my left foot during the ride and have been in some pain since.  It’s felt better toward the end of this week, but it still seems too soon to run four miles on Sunday.

And, of course, it’s too soon for Christmas.  It’s always too soon for Christmas.  I guess I don’t have a problem going there this early after all.

Jun 6 2009

shakeout ride

Our bikes have been on a truck for the past week, and may have been jostled around a bit on the trip across the country.  So on the day before the big ride, we go for a short ride of ten miles or so to Zephyr Cove and back just to make sure everything is in working order.  That's also when and where the group photos – my least favorite part of the whole weekend – happen.  I just got back to the hotel, and I am pretty fucking miserable.

Last night's snow – thankfully – never materialized, and it's a little bit warmer than I expected it to be this morning.  But that rain….  My bike doesn't like to be out in the rain, and I tend to agree.  And now they're talking about wind for tomorrow, to boot.  I'm in such dire need of good weather ju-ju over the next eighteen hours that I am willing to extend to Jodi public and unsolicited happy birthday wishes.

So many happy returns, Jodi!  May your birthday brownies be just as dry and bland as you like them.  Now let's see some improvement in this shitty weather.

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Jun 6 2009

overnight forecast

Real quick, because I've been awake for far too long at this point, here's the forecast for South Lake Tahoe, California over the next eight or nine hours: light rain tonight turning to snow in the morning; temperatures in the mid-to-low-thirties.

That's a piece of information I thought some of you might like to know.

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Jun 5 2009

bike the west

It's impossibly early, but I've got to catch a flight soon to one of the best places in the world.  In just over forty-eight hours, I'll be enjoying the view you see above, only it will be much cooler and possibly raining.  Yeah, you're jealous.

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May 17 2009

beach and no pie

We dodged a bullet yesterday.  The seven o'clock forecast showed a sixty percent chance of rain.  I was sure I was going to get wet.  But aside from a little mist and a few spitting drops, it was a dry ride.  And actually the weather was quite pleasant for those of us who don't mind not seeing the sun.  It was humid, sure, but starting out it was cool with a nice breeze.  I managed to finish before it got hot and humid.

I achieved my goal of completing the entire ride without using my easier chainring, though it hurt.  A lot.  The toughest hill on this ride is about three miles from the finish, and there is no good way to get around it.  Thankfully, the latent achiness in my quads I'd been ignoring all season (which made itself known after my run on Thursday morning) had mostly subsided by yesterday morning.  I felt great almost all day.  I'm now wondering if my issues on the Naked Mountain ride weren't caused more by nutrition than a lack of gears.  I'd been struggling with the food in the support car all season.  (We always seemed to run out of bananas, bagels are too heavy, and the peanut butter and cheese crackers are unappetizing.)  In the two weeks I've been carrying my own food (bananas and Uncrustables and – yesterday – beef jerky), I've had much more energy.  I felt so good yesterday that I even passed on the pie at the last stop.  Of course, that could also be three months of riding finally catching up to me.

Davidsonville 80

I'd hoped to carry my camera with me yesterday, because I've never really captured the essence of this lovely ride.  But given the potential for wet conditions, I opted to pass.  Maybe it's just as well, as a bridge closing forced a detour around one of my favorite parts of the ride.  We still made it to the beach though, so all was not lost.  The rest isn't so bad either – though I still can't prove it.  You'll just have to trust me.

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