Dec 20 2010

my favorite thing about the christmas season

The best thing about this time of the year is that it starts the countdown to a real holiday – a holiday actually worth celebrating.  And that holiday is, of course, Presidents’ Day.  Once we get these lesser days out of the way over the next couple of weeks, we can focus on what really matters.  Everything is going really well for me lately, so I don’t know why the Eleventh Annual Karaoke to the Death XI should be any different.  I’ve so got this.  Make your plans now to see me win.  It’s only two months away.

Oct 11 2009

buckeye state

So I'm in Ohio for the weekend.  You may have figured that out from my post last night.  I'd planned – before my flight was delayed and I got in later than expected – to write a little bit about how returning home now depresses me a whole lot less than it used to, and to contradict my experience with that of Chrissie Hynde.  I guess, now that I get around to thinking about it, I shouldn't be surprised.  She's from Akron.  I'd be depressed to return to Akron, too.  But when I come back to Ohio, I visit Toledo.  Things are a whole lot more hopping in Toledo.  The only real drag these days is that I'm subjected to Ohio State football.  I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

But there are many aspects of returning home that I have grown to enjoy.  For starters, even though Toledo has a long way to go, there really is more going on here than there was when I left a decade and a half ago.  And I get to see two of my terrific nieces.  They welcomed me warmly when I got in last night, and today has been a pretty great day – mostly because I win all the games I play with them.  We played a little basketball earlier, and I destroyed them even though it was two against one.  Our game of Trivial Pursuit wasn't even close.  Scrabble went about the same way.  (Though they are better competition at this point than Jodi.)  And even with my slightly gimpy ankle, I easily won our footrace around the block.  But perhaps the best part about spending time with my nieces is all the things I learn from them.  They shared with me today some of the music they enjoy.  If you think I'm not gonna be singing some Taylor Swift when KttD comes around, you've got another think coming.

Most people blame bands who came later for the scourge of hair metal power ballads, but really it's Mötley Crüe's fault.  They started it.

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May 1 2009

i win

One hundred and four posts in fifty-two weeks is for the weak.

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Feb 16 2009

upset special

Fuck!  Yes!  Three-time champion!
I'm floored, actually.
Holy. Fucking. Shit.

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