Oct 1 2011

how dumb am i?

Hey, remember Rocktober?  You know, posting songs that rock every day for a month?  That was a stupid idea, huh?  A much better idea is posting songs that don’t rock.  I’ll dare to get us started….

Nov 2 2010

over the cliff

Yesterday I stood at the mouth of the precipice, facing the void below.  Today I plummeted to the bottom.  I’m so glad Rocktober is finally over.  It might be time for another hiatus.

Nov 1 2010

strumming into the void

If there’s no longer any point to Rocktober, then there sure as shit isn’t any point to the encore.  My blogosphere has become a dystopian hellscape.  It’s a desert wasteland, and I stand gaping – gasping – at the chasm wondering about the point of it all.  If only I had an electric guitar, so I could adequately express my despair through a solo.  Scratch that, two solos.

[UPDATE: Okay, so maybe I should have watched the “November Rain” video before I wrote my blurb.  Then I would have realized that Slash doesn’t actually stand next to a gaping chasm during his solos.]

Oct 31 2010

it’s a town full of losers and whatever

It’s been kind of a weird Rocktober this year.  Usually, I’m clawing my eyes out by this point because I’m so ready to be done.  I don’t feel that way tonight.  By the same token, though, I don’t feel like the high points have been as high as in years past.  Not having a plan made it tough at times to figure out what to say on any given day.  But I also didn’t spend much time kicking myself over not having the energy to write that great post I’d had planned for whatever day.  So yeah, it’s tough I guess to know what to make of this Rocktober.  Mostly I just wonder if anybody is still paying attention.

Here’s the best rock song ever.  Not that it matters.

Oct 30 2010

restoring fear

The plan was to attend the rally in person, and I am eternally in CarrieNation’s debt for suggesting the bail.  The telecast was bad enough.  I spent the afternoon enveloped in spite and scorn while watching a smug spectacle and an enormous crowd feeling really fucking pleased with itself.  It should be no surprise, given that background, that I thought of this song for today.  I just wish somebody – anybody – was sporting a mullet as heroic as the one in the video below.

Oct 29 2010

the root of all evil

I used to have a big pile of change on one of the flat surfaces of my dingy hovel.  I need quarters to do laundry (read: play drinking games), so I developed a habit of never shedding coins from my pocket until I got home, at which point they fed the ever-growing pile.  A few weeks ago, my friend Cait – who hates all of the clutter on the flat surfaces in my apartment and would like nothing better than throw away all of my most prized possessions – had a novel idea.  Recognizing that I only need the quarters, she began separating them from the rest of the pile.  I could keep all of them, but everything else was going into a Coinstar machine at the nearest grocery store.  In a fever of productivity during an otherwise lazy weekend, we finally cashed them in last Sunday.  The Coinstar machine got a little snotty with me.We had a bet on how much the remainder would be.  There was a lot of copper in there, so I guessed low at twenty-five dollars.  Cait estimated forty.  It turns out we were both way off.  We also missed a quarter.So I now have a gift card from Amazon.com burning a hole in my pocket and I don’t know what to buy.  I’m leaning toward copies of The Wizard of Oz and The Dark Side of the Moon.  If only I could buy a bunch of pot on Amazon, my evening would be complete.

Oct 28 2010

tinker day

On the appointed day – after the year’s first frost – the Tinker Faeries emerged from the magical tree and waved their bejeweled wands over the verdant valley. The townsfolks’ drab vestments suddenly became whimsical and their bland porridge transmogrified into Krispy Kreme donuts.  The townsfolk gathered ’round the Tinker Tree in the village square and passed the hours with tales of wonder and merriment from times gone by until the town elders emerged from their council to lead them on a trek to the peak of Tinker Mountain.  There they all performed skits and sang silly songs until the sun was high in the sky.  Everyone present feasted upon fried chicken and chocolate Tinker Cake until their bellies were full.  And there was much rejoicing.

Oct 27 2010

this song has a swear in the title

I’ve been trying to come up with a fourth song all month to finish off Profanity Wednesday.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of this one before yesterday.

Oct 26 2010

i’m having fun now

Jenny and Johnny really know how to put on a show, I’ll tell you what.  Sure, they don’t have the most dynamic stage presence.  And sure, Johnny is kind of a lispy fop.  But Jenny Lewis is pleasant to look at and – most importantly – they recognize the value of a short set list.  They played about fifteen songs, took a short break, and came beck for a ten-minute encore.  The whole thing lasted about an hour.  I was home by quarter ’til eleven, which was almost exactly two hours after setting out for the show.  I wasn’t planning to post one of Jenny’s songs (they closed the show with this one), but she was so considerate it seems like the least I can do.

Oct 25 2010

you’re sucking all over me

It turns out I saw an indie-rock legend last week and I didn’t even know it.  That’s probably because his band suuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuucks.  J Mascis is the drummer for a band called Sweet Apple, who are keeping the seventies alive with songs that weren’t very interesting when Thin Lizzy and Golden Earring first recorded them thirty-five years ago.  They opened for Guided by Voices last week.   And if the lead singer hadn’t tripped over his shoelaces four or five times, they wouldn’t have been entertaining at all.  Feel the pain, indeed.