Jun 7 2011

knock knock

Hello?  Is anybody in here?  Anybody home?  Anyone?  Jeez, what is this place?  It smells like moldy pie and taco meat.  And it’s so cluttered.  There are just piles of…. of stuff everywhere.  Nothing makes any sense.  Is that a…. I think it’s a Bryan Adams CD.  It’s hard to tell.  Everything is so goddamn dusty.  What the hell happened here?  Where did everybody go?

Oct 17 2008

exactly what the doctor ordered

I was just kidding earlier.  That ‘Mats song doesn’t rock at all.  Here’s your real rock song for Friday, Rocktober 17, 2008.

Jan 23 2008

requiem for a joker

I find myself oddly…. not saddened, exactly, but…. disappointed by the untimely death yesterday of Heath Ledger.  And there’s really no good reason why.  I won’t lie; my initial reaction when I first heard the news was: this isn’t going to affect the new Batman movie, is it?  And it won’t.  My second reaction was: that’s a shame, he was a pretty good actor.  But the thing is, I don’t know why I consider him to have been a good actor.  It’s certainly not based on my own movie-viewing experience.  A quick visit to IMDB.com tells me that I have, in fact, seen only one movie in which Heath Ledger acted.  (That one movie, by the way, is the teen-comedy Shakespeare re-tread “10 Things I Hate About You,” which is a supremely guilty pleasure.  I never fail to stop on it if I happen to find it when flipping through the channels on a weekend afternoon.  Please don’t tell anybody.)  And several of his movies, I wouldn’t watch if you paid me.  Basically, my opinion – as so many surely already suspect – is based on nothing.

So I am revising my position, and taking the Sean Taylor stance: it’s a shame, his daughter has to grow up without her father.  But it’s worth noting that being associated with Batman in any way all but guarantees credibility with me.  I never realized I could be swayed so easily.