Dec 13 2010

pleased to meet you

Whispered the spinster aunt to work.

Snodgrass and when is ready.

Asked Bella was placed in astonishment.

Peter Magnus was heard to start.

Lizzie and saying he began.

Asked Mr. Lightwood was conducted on earth.

Cried Mr. Venus with my love.

Everybody laughed at last two hours together.

Bring me round her mother.

— Guillermo Byman, 2010

Mar 2 2010

letter of appreciation

It has come to my attention in an entirely coincidental way that this is “National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week.” I appreciate lots of things, and I probably don’t express that enough.  I’m not nearly as cynical as I pretend to be; I’m kind of a big softie, actually.  That’s why I wanted to take a moment to recognize one of my favorite Voxers.  Jodi is the first person I’ve ever “met” online, and we go way back to when Vox was still beta testing.  There was some initial mutual admiration that I think we both would like to pretend never happened, but we soon settled into a comfortable groove of bickering.  Eventually, I grew tired of winning every debate, so I orchestrated a challenge that she can finally win – and against my nemesis Dabysan, no less.  This year is going to be really sweet for me, and I owe it some to Jodi.  That’s deserving not just of a letter, but of a poem.

Posting without fail in the Comment War,
I can barely wait to see what Jodi has in store.
Every single word is like music to my ears –
Replacements, you know, I still love them after all the years.
Until she leaves us I will keep on reading;
Let’s just hope she hears my constant pleading.
E’er she goes away, I don’t know what I’d do without her –
Stop, I have to tell myself, don’t be such a doubter.

Jodi’s every story brightens up my day,
One click on her blog makes my troubles go away.
Did you see the post about how she’s one of the nerds?
I can only dream that I have her way with words.
Divulging such information would make me so ashamed,
Regardless of the fact that I can hardly be blamed.
O but Jodi, she has no inhibition;
Once upon a time, she provided ammunition.
Let’s all take a moment, for all that Jodi’s done –
She’s the Voxiest of all!  She has Comment War won!