Jun 7 2011

knock knock

Hello?  Is anybody in here?  Anybody home?  Anyone?  Jeez, what is this place?  It smells like moldy pie and taco meat.  And it’s so cluttered.  There are just piles of…. of stuff everywhere.  Nothing makes any sense.  Is that a…. I think it’s a Bryan Adams CD.  It’s hard to tell.  Everything is so goddamn dusty.  What the hell happened here?  Where did everybody go?

Dec 4 2010

i got no strings

We here in the technical support department of Hotrodtothe.com have had a productive morning.  We’ve finally entered the twenty-first century and set up a wireless router.  Now we can surf the internet from the comfort of our sofa, rather than being tied to our desk.  This is going to make not blogging a hell of a lot more comfortable.

Nov 18 2010

love’s labour’s won

I had big plans for this evening which – sadly – have been thwarted.  Both of you who are still reading may remember that back in May, I posted a list of my favorite movies in the most annoying way ever.  To wit: I embedded a hundred and one Youtube videos in a post that crashed your browser.  Well, it seems that post crashed Typepad and WordPress as well, because I got a whole lotta nothin’ when I sought it out to update and move out of the hidden archives just a few moments ago.  All of a sudden I’m feeling a whole lot less sympathetic toward Six Apart and their financial woes.

The obvious question is whether or not my stupid movie list is more important than a seriously devalued company that’s begging for millions of dollars in cash.  And the answer is yes.  Yes, it is.  I mean, it will take me several hours to re-create it and I’m a busy guy.  I have things to spite.

Oct 31 2010

it’s a town full of losers and whatever

It’s been kind of a weird Rocktober this year.  Usually, I’m clawing my eyes out by this point because I’m so ready to be done.  I don’t feel that way tonight.  By the same token, though, I don’t feel like the high points have been as high as in years past.  Not having a plan made it tough at times to figure out what to say on any given day.  But I also didn’t spend much time kicking myself over not having the energy to write that great post I’d had planned for whatever day.  So yeah, it’s tough I guess to know what to make of this Rocktober.  Mostly I just wonder if anybody is still paying attention.

Here’s the best rock song ever.  Not that it matters.

Oct 19 2010

it’s hard to even want to try

I’ve found over the past few weeks that developing some semblance of a social life has really cut into my blogging.  Like tonight, for instance.  I was busy all day at work and couldn’t post today’s song at lunch like I intended.  (Also a couple of my co-workers swiped my speakers, which made picking one out slightly more difficult.)  And now I’m cutting into my evening plans to fire off a quick post.  So here’s a song that’s somewhat significant for today, but I’m not going to explain why.  I don’t want to take up any more time.  Yinz will just have to figure it out for yourselves.

Oct 17 2010

big, big love

I had been planning to write for a few days about some of the Rocktober stalwarts.  I have always – and always will – featured songs by Van Halen, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, the Old 97’s, and the Pixies.  Or so I thought.  A quick check of the archives shows that I posted no Pixies song last year.  I’m not sure how that happened.

What’s done is done, and there’s no way to fix the past.  But I can vow never to make the same mistake in the future.  The Pixies deserve it.  Especially when they do things like dedicate their show in Santiago last week to the Chilean miners and play a thirty-three song set.  That’s a song for each miner.  The last guy to come out of the hole got one of their best.


Oct 15 2010

purple reign

Okay, truth be told I haven’t exactly been blogging Rocktober on the fly.  I’ve had a list of songs, even if they aren’t organized by date.  But I have also tried to be flexible to allow for current events.  That’s why I’ve got about three posts backed up that I need to get to before they are too far out of date.  And I will.  Starting tomorrow.  Today I’m celebrating the awesome news that motherfucking Prince just announced a tour starting in December.


Oct 10 2010

listen all o’ y’all

Anybody who guessed it would only be ten days before I phoned in my first Rocktober post is a big winner today.  Fortunately for me, though, I A) don’t have much to say about the Beastie Boys and B) already had “Sabotage” on deck for today.  I’m not going to beat myself up for slacking if I didn’t have to move anything around to do so.

Oct 3 2010

separation sunday

Um…. Okay.  This daily blogging without a net thing might not be the best idea.  Here it is only the third day of Rocktober and already I’m at a loss for what song to feature.  And why.  So here’s another one about playing the ponies while I get my act together and come up with a plan.

Oct 2 2010

sins forgiven and celebrations

I’ll be honest, Rocktober kind of caught me by surprise this year.  There are many reasons for this, but the obvious ones are my self-imposed hiatus and the semi-related fact that I have been otherwise distracted.  Also there’s the simple yet not insignificant matter of the ever-accelerating march of time.  But whatever the reason, the fact remains that I am behind.

Normally, I would have the whole month plotted out by now.  Key dates would be paired with appropriate songs, and I would have stories to go with the rest.  And of course, I would have built in a contingency plan for when the inevitable burnout associated with posting daily sets in toward the middle of the third week.  But I didn’t have any of that planning done ahead of time this year.  I didn’t even know what song I would be featuring today until this morning.

And maybe that’s for the best.  Last year I was ready to quit by the end of the first week, so maybe what I needed to do was shake things up a bit.  Maybe it’s to my advantage that I’m living this Rocktober on the edge.  Past mistakes are gone and forgotten, and all that lies ahead is a celebration of the majesty of rock.  I have a good feeling about the way things are going this year.  It’s about goddamn time my horse comes in.