May 23 2010

M is for "miserable failure"

This is our thousandth post here at  We could have spent the past almost four years doing something productive like meeting girls and dating.  Instead, we’ve been doing, well, this.  We’d been wondering for a while how best to celebrate this milestone.  (To say nothing of whether it’s worth celebrating at all.)  Given our conflicted emotions over the value of this colossal waste of time, we decided recently that the best way of commemorating the occasion is with a list of our greatest failures over the years: posts that were never written, (good?) ideas that were abandoned, arguments that were…. not lost, exactly, but won unconvincingly.

And so it’s perhaps appropriate that this list of our many shortcomings is yet another post that will never see the light of day.  It’s been a week since we last updated, and we’ve been reluctant to write anything else until this one is behind us.  So we’ve been stalling, which ends now.  We’re gonna punt instead.  It’s not lazy, it’s meta.  And a little bit lazy.  How we ever generated a thousand posts is beyond our comprehension.

Apr 26 2010

no one on the corner has swagger like us

I have mixed feelings about M.I.A.  On the one hand, “Paper Planes” is one of the greatest singles of the past decade.  But on the other hand, the song rose to prominence in no small part due to its place on the soundtrack to Slumdog MillionaireAnd fuck Slumdog Millionaire.  That said, it’s been a long, long time since the music video has been relevant as an art form.  Her new song may suck (and it does), but the shocking video which accompanies it is a brutally honest portrayal of a world in which social justice is still much, much further away than most people want to believe.

Nov 22 2009

249 posts in 47 weeks

Man, I’ve been swamped lately.  I never thought the 104 Posts in 52 Weeks (104P52W) Challenge would be, well, a challenge.  Hell, I hit 104 posts back in May.  Yet, here we are.  I considered composing a lazy list covering the past two weeks.  I was even going to bullet-point it to make it easy for Jodi to understand.  But that seems like cheating.  It also seems like more work than I’m willing to put into a post.  Again.  So instead I’m going to ramble on until this one reaches the requisite hundred word minimum.  This should about do it.

Nov 21 2009

a technicality

As strange as it may seem, if we don’t post today we will default in the 104 Posts in 52 Weeks (104P52W) Challenge.  (Not that Jodi or Dabysan would ever notice, but that’s beside the point.  Pride is on the line, and we’ve come too far to lose now.)  Fortunately for us, the bylaws are quite clear: this bullshit self-referential post counts.  We’ll have more to say tomorrow.

Jun 17 2009

QotD: What is it too soon for?

What is it too soon for?

Submitted by Design Shark.

I’ll admit, Question of the Day, that this one threw me at first.  You see, most people complain about something they can’t wait for, rather than something that has arrived prematurely.  In fact, about the only thing most people complain about coming too soon (other than, ahem, coming too soon) is the annual holiday creep.  And they’re right.  Frankly, Christmas decorations could show up in stores on December 22 and that would still be too early.  But that’s not very timely now, is it?  I do enough complaining about Christmas after Thanksgiving; I don’t need to go there in June.

Ordinarily I might opine that it’s too soon for the brutal DC summer, but the weather has been rather mild and tolerable lately.  So I guess it’s too soon to start training for that marathon.  The month since I signed up has just flown by.  I didn’t run much before the big ride in Tahoe, because I didn’t want to risk jeopardizing that ride with an injury.  And I haven’t run enough since the big ride because I tweaked something in my left foot during the ride and have been in some pain since.  It’s felt better toward the end of this week, but it still seems too soon to run four miles on Sunday.

And, of course, it’s too soon for Christmas.  It’s always too soon for Christmas.  I guess I don’t have a problem going there this early after all.

Jun 15 2009

QotD: White Lies

What is a recent white lie you told?

This is quite a coincidence, Question of the Day.  Just this afternoon, I was talking with my co-worker about my blog and I mentioned how much I've been enjoying answering your questions.  So your answer, then, is that lie I told three hours ago.  Or the lie I'm telling right now.  You choose.

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Oct 24 2008


We considered scrapping this tune in favor of something else after last weekend's bonus post, but then thought better of it.  We mean…. if the Replacements get two songs, then surely the Rolling Stones deserve at least as much.  And besides, this is only about the most iconic rock song of all time.  Also, we don't have a whole lot we care to say about it, which ties in nicely with our current fourepisodearc of laziness.  Some may say the Stones deserve better than our half-assed tribute.  We're not inclined to disagree.

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Oct 23 2008

the great rock 'n' roll swindle

We're moving some shit around so we can coast through the remainder of the week.  We've stated previously – probably multiple times* – that it's important to go into Rocktober with a plan.  And we believe that wholeheartedly.  But it's also important to know when to deviate from that plan.  We're of the opinion that it's better to half-ass it for a couple more days so we can finish the month strong.  So we're phoning it in.

Today's song is by the Sex Pistols.   The Sex Pistols were a band.  Uh, that one guy died….  Hmmmm….  Oh, hey – that Cappy sure is stupid, huh?  God, what a 'tard!

*Finding links to go with these words is too much effort today.

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Oct 22 2008

a series of tubes

I had planned to tell today the story of the time in college that Vrabel and I (and others) were in downtown Cincinnati for a field trip (of sorts) and a homeless man who asked Vrabel for some change or a cigarette (or possibly both) told us all about the honkey tubes.  But I didn't write this one ahead of time and now…. well, I'm just not getting anywhere.  Or, at least, I'm not getting anywhere that makes a whole lot of sense.  And I'm not some rookie, willing to keep putting up a bunch of junk.  I recognize when I start throwing wild pitches.  So I'm not going to force this one.  I need to chill out, relax, walk this guy (and maybe the next), and generally get my head back in the game….

Besides, the "Fountain and Fairfax" reference I was going to make was always intended to be a tenuous segue to a better song anyway, so I may as well just cut to the chase.

And now, as I re-read and prepare to click on that save button, I realize that this goddamn post still doesn't make any sort of sense.  Nicely done, Hotrod.  Jackass.

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Oct 30 2007

l.a. rock city

We had intended to discuss today what – besides hairspray and spandex – distinguishes 1980’s glam metal from other hard rock of the same time period and why Van Halen and Def Leppard aren’t hair bands but why Guns N’ Roses is and why Klosterman is wrong to consider them all on equal footing.  It was gonna be really good; you’d have enjoyed it.  But real-life got in the way of Vox-life, so yinz’ll have to make do without our usual clever insight and snappy wit.  Instead we’re just going to cut to the chase and present the greatest hair metal song of all time.