Oct 1 2011

how dumb am i?

Hey, remember Rocktober?  You know, posting songs that rock every day for a month?  That was a stupid idea, huh?  A much better idea is posting songs that don’t rock.  I’ll dare to get us started….

Feb 26 2008

save the planet, part four

Hey, remember Lee?  I haven't mentioned him in a while because he hadn't done anything new in the week preceding his protest.  He just rehashed the same old full page color advertisements in the local commuter paper.  Then the plans to catch the Coen brothers' best movie – "Fargo" – at the AFI on the afternoon of KttD didn't work out.  (I had planned to take my camera and snap a shot or two of the protest in full swing.)  And, well, Silver Spring is kind of a pain in the ass to get to and I've had my own stuff going on lately and it just seemed like a lot of effort to go out of my way for a few cheap laughs at a crazy person.  I didn't realize I could have gotten paid.

One of my vast network of spies and informants directed me this afternoon to the DCist, where I was to find news of Lee's arrest late last week.  It seems I wasn't the only one who couldn't be bothered to check out his noble crusade, and he drummed up support the old-fashioned way: he bought itWJLA has the details.

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Feb 8 2008

save the planet, part three

I was looking forward to this morning.  Yinz have no doubt noticed I've been deep in the doldrums of a blog slump, and I was hoping my good pal Lee might help pull me out of it.  No dice.  He ran two ads this week, but Monday's was the original half-page advertisement that initially caught my attention and Thursday's was the same full-page number he ran last week.  I sure hope Lee hasn't run out of ideas;  I'm not the least bit certain about how he might protest to save my blog. 

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Jan 31 2008

save the planet, part two

Well, I didn’t expect for this to become a regular feature, but why not?  My good pal Lee is at it again.  Today’s free commuter daily featured another advertisement for his upcoming marathon protest against the *snicker* Discovery Channel.  And this time, it’s a full page number.  It even features his photo, which is a smart move.  If that dour mug can’t motivate the masses to get out and stand up to the evil forces of cable television that are ruining our environment, I don’t know what will.I’m not going to transcribe this one, because it’s just way too much.  If you actually care to read the text, you can download a PDF here.

Jan 24 2008

save the planet

I saw this on the way in to work this morning.  Is it just me, or is somebody is missing the point?Because it’s tough to read:  The Discovery Channel has many so-called “Environmental Programs” that are supposedly there to save the planet.  The strange thing is that things are getting WORSE!  Their programs are not working to save the planet.  If something is not working, then it must be changed.  If their programs were working, then we should see the planet improving when we watch the news or read the newspaper.  It’s not.  They are ineffective and are deliberately showing ineffective shows to make it appear something is being done when that’s not the truth.  The reason they continue broadcasting shows that don’t work is because we don’t say anything.  Only we, the people, can demand change.  Only we can demand from the world that they start making positive changes starting with Discovery Channel’s programming.  If there is ANY network whose responsibility is to save the planet, it’s the Discovery Channel’s.  We would like to ‘discover’ new ways to live and ‘invent’ new ways to save this planet called Earth.  The debate about the state of the planet is over.  Global Warming is a reality.  Animal species going extinct IS happening.  If nothing is done so may we; now begins the debate on how to save the planet, join me there to demand change!

Jan 9 2008

oo! hi.


Nov 21 2007

the super-fabulous spider-man

Oh, this is special.  Remember “Across the Universe”?  Of course you don’t.  It’s the worst movie of all time which came and went from the theaters this fall.  (I know it’s the worst most of all time because nobody proved otherwise, despite the incentives.)  Well, it’s ironic that – now that I check my original post again – I saw the preview before the latest Spider-Man movie, because the next project in line for visionary director Julie Taymor is a return to Broadway for “Spider-Man: The Musical.”  And since it worked so well on the big screen, she’s hoping to reunite with her “Across the Universe” cast to play Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.  I, for one, think this is an incredibly sound plan.

But wait, there’s more.  The Daily Mail reports: “Ms. Taymor … has been working with U2’s Bono and the Edge on the score and lyrics.  [She] plans to weave her Spider-Man into a magical event, with trapeze artists, giant puppets and incredible costumes.”  Anyone who knows anything knows Spider-Man and Bono and giant puppets go together like peas and carrots.  I can hardly wait for this latest masterpiece of musical theater.  You might say my spidey-senses are tingling with excitement and anticipation.

In all seriousness, this is proof enough that it’s time to stop considering Spider-Man to be a credible superhero.  And Superman was discredited LONG ago.  That leaves Batman – as is right – standing unopposed as the best superhero ever.  Nobody would ever dream of giving the Batman legend the camp treatment.

May 15 2007

werner hotrod eats his shoe

you know what?  fuck it.  i'm sure most of yinz assumed my boast about eating my shoe was typical hyperbole.  and yeah, actually, it was.  but i also believe the movie in question is absolutely terrible.  and i know i can get vrabel to film me eating a shoe, if necessary, so why not?

here's the deal:  anyone that sees "across the universe" is welcome to post a serious review in the comments.  upon reading said review, i will a/ see the film, assuming any takers, and b/ compose a rebuttal.  after that, the masses take over.  vote in the comments for one review or the other, and if i can't convince more people my opinion is right and that this movie is terrible, i'll eat my shoe and post the video here on vox.

this is by far the stupidest thing i have ever done.

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