Dec 20 2010

my favorite thing about the christmas season

The best thing about this time of the year is that it starts the countdown to a real holiday – a holiday actually worth celebrating.  And that holiday is, of course, Presidents’ Day.  Once we get these lesser days out of the way over the next couple of weeks, we can focus on what really matters.  Everything is going really well for me lately, so I don’t know why the Eleventh Annual Karaoke to the Death XI should be any different.  I’ve so got this.  Make your plans now to see me win.  It’s only two months away.

Nov 26 2010

black friday

Whew!  Thank goodness today is over.  Fighting the crowds was such a hassle.

Nov 25 2010

thankful times a gazillion

Despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that I’ve celebrated in a non-traditional way for about the past decade, Thanksgiving remains my favorite holiday.  I have much to be thankful for, and I am glad to express my gratitude by taking two days off of work and watching football and stuffing my face.  I’m thankful this year that my sausage stuffing turned out fine despite the thyme I forgot to add.  And I’m thankful for the unconventional beauty of the Kansas prairie.  And I’m thankful that my first holiday with my friend Cait and her family has been so easy and warm.  (Warm in a metaphorical sense – the wind whipping across the prairie is pretty damn cold.)  And I’m thankful for my own family and my friends, and hope they are having as wonderful a day as I am.  And, well, I’m thankful for pretty much everything.  Just like always.

Nov 10 2010

turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes

Today is November 10, which means that the onslaught of the dreaded “holiday season” is imminent.  Within a couple of weeks, we’re all going to be subjected to so much forced merriment that we’ll barely be able to breathe and the living will envy the dead.  Please, just shoot me now.  Or – actually and even better – shoot me in another couple of weeks.

The lone bright spot of the holidays is Thanksgiving.  It should be no secret that I love Thanksgiving, but after four-plus years it’s hard to know what’s what any more.  So let me just say it: I love Thanksgiving.  I love the idea of a holiday dedicated to gratitude and I love even more that I’ve managed over the years to work it so I don’t have to go home to visit my family.  But mostly, I love that the best meal imaginable is associated with this particular holiday.I moved into my current apartment over Election Day weekend six years ago and hosted both my family and my sister’s (in-laws) for Thanksgiving shortly thereafter.  It was probably my favorite holiday moment ever.  I really enjoy cooking, and I very much appreciated the opportunity to put my particular stamp on the holiday meal.  (Green bean casserole could fuck right off, is all I’m saying.)  I’ll have somewhat of a chance to do so again this year, and I think this is the right time to take on dessert.  I much prefer savory to sweet, so I very much hope no one will notice that my special “Turkey (Day) Cake” tastes exactly like the main course.

Mar 17 2010

pogue mahone

I fucking despise St. Patrick’s Day.  So it’s ironic enough that I chose to listen to the Pogues on my way home from work.  But it’s even more ironic – if there are degrees of irony – that they put me in a great mood.  I don’t know why that is.  Maybe just being bitter and spiteful all day has lifted my spirits.  Maybe I’m subconsciously reliving the joy of one of my more epic bails.  Whatever it is, I’ll take it.  I’ve been kind of down the past few days.  I needed a lift.  Between the Pogues and getting absolutely shitfaced tonight, things are looking up for ol’ Hotrod.

Dec 31 2009

a metaphor, or something

I was walking home from the Metro about a half-hour ago, and had the delightful experience of stepping in a pile of shit in the middle of the sidewalk that some kind dog owner had neglected to clean up.  And that about sums up my miserable day and this miserable year.  I’d wish for a better 2010, but what’s the fucking point?

Dec 25 2009

god bless us, every one

So I guess, like, Merry Christmas and stuff.

Dec 16 2009

two months minus two days

In some respects, I can’t believe it has actually come to this.  But then, I missed the six-month deadline earlier this year and things weren’t nearly so hectic for me back then.  I’ve had some serious shit all balled up at the head office lately, so it didn’t hit me until this morning that I missed the traditional two-month warning for Karaoke to the Death by two whole days.  Start finalizing your song selections and making your travel plans, because KttD X: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre is set to rock your face off two months from, uh, last Monday.  Sorry about that.

Jul 31 2009

glory days

Here’s a list – in order – of the best days of the year:

  • The day before Presidents’ Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • The beginning of the NFL season
  • Super Bowl Sunday
  • The first Sunday in June
  • The beginning of the NFL preseason
  • The Fourth of July

That makes today the sixth best day of 2009.  The NFL preseason starts when the Pittsburgh Steelers report to training camp and the Pittsburgh Steelers reported to training camp today.  Suck it, Independence Day.

Jul 14 2009

bastille day

My doctor is French, and as it turns out I had an appointment already scheduled with him today just when I needed one.  I was supposed to get some blood work done as a follow-up to my last visit, but we spent most of the time talking about my gimpy ankle.  He took a look at it and diagnosed shin splints, which is what I had been expecting.  But since I’ve been a ball of nerves lately, I asked about the possibility of a stress fracture and he sent me to get an x-ray.  On the way out, he mentioned he shouldn’t be working on the fourteenth of July.

The radiologist told me they would send the results of my x-ray to my doctor within forty-eight hours unless there was a fracture, in which case they would send them as soon as possible.  I’m really, really hoping that the fact that I haven’t heard anything yet is good news and not because my doctor decided to take the afternoon off.