Dec 8 2010

keep towson weird

Last night I went to the Recher Theatre in Towson, Maryland for the second time ever.  The first time was about nine years ago, and I saw Wilco.  Which is kind of weird because the Old 97’s – who I saw last night – mentioned that the first time they’d played there was opening for Wilco in 1998.  Also weird was that they compared Towson to Austin, Texas.  I’ve never been to Austin, but I imagine there’s no way it’s as cool as Towson.  And the Old 97’s and I know cool.  We know it’s way cooler to promote your new album on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno instead of a show that people actually, you know, watch.

Dec 4 2010

i got no strings

We here in the technical support department of have had a productive morning.  We’ve finally entered the twenty-first century and set up a wireless router.  Now we can surf the internet from the comfort of our sofa, rather than being tied to our desk.  This is going to make not blogging a hell of a lot more comfortable.

Nov 29 2010

zoom zoom

Guess who bought a brand new car today?  Okay, fine.  Yesterday.

Nov 26 2010

black friday

Whew!  Thank goodness today is over.  Fighting the crowds was such a hassle.

Nov 25 2010

thankful times a gazillion

Despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that I’ve celebrated in a non-traditional way for about the past decade, Thanksgiving remains my favorite holiday.  I have much to be thankful for, and I am glad to express my gratitude by taking two days off of work and watching football and stuffing my face.  I’m thankful this year that my sausage stuffing turned out fine despite the thyme I forgot to add.  And I’m thankful for the unconventional beauty of the Kansas prairie.  And I’m thankful that my first holiday with my friend Cait and her family has been so easy and warm.  (Warm in a metaphorical sense – the wind whipping across the prairie is pretty damn cold.)  And I’m thankful for my own family and my friends, and hope they are having as wonderful a day as I am.  And, well, I’m thankful for pretty much everything.  Just like always.

Nov 18 2010

love’s labour’s won

I had big plans for this evening which – sadly – have been thwarted.  Both of you who are still reading may remember that back in May, I posted a list of my favorite movies in the most annoying way ever.  To wit: I embedded a hundred and one Youtube videos in a post that crashed your browser.  Well, it seems that post crashed Typepad and WordPress as well, because I got a whole lotta nothin’ when I sought it out to update and move out of the hidden archives just a few moments ago.  All of a sudden I’m feeling a whole lot less sympathetic toward Six Apart and their financial woes.

The obvious question is whether or not my stupid movie list is more important than a seriously devalued company that’s begging for millions of dollars in cash.  And the answer is yes.  Yes, it is.  I mean, it will take me several hours to re-create it and I’m a busy guy.  I have things to spite.

Nov 18 2010

tonight, tonight the highway’s bright

It occurs to me that I should probably say a few words about The Promise – the new compilation of outtakes released a couple of days ago in conjunction with a reissue of Darkness on the Edge of Town.  And maybe I will later, if I can collect my thoughts throughout the day.  Right now, I’m a little tired after the morning commute despite having one of rock’s best driving songs on repeat to see me safely to work.

Nov 16 2010

i couldn’t agree more

Bah!  Humbug.

Nov 11 2010

this is how you end up on the spite list

Remember when bacon used to be just a breakfast food?  Me too.  I miss those days.  You can take your bacontinis, your bacon-wrapped turkey, and – above all – your talking bacon plush and you can shove them up your ass.

Nov 10 2010

turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes

Today is November 10, which means that the onslaught of the dreaded “holiday season” is imminent.  Within a couple of weeks, we’re all going to be subjected to so much forced merriment that we’ll barely be able to breathe and the living will envy the dead.  Please, just shoot me now.  Or – actually and even better – shoot me in another couple of weeks.

The lone bright spot of the holidays is Thanksgiving.  It should be no secret that I love Thanksgiving, but after four-plus years it’s hard to know what’s what any more.  So let me just say it: I love Thanksgiving.  I love the idea of a holiday dedicated to gratitude and I love even more that I’ve managed over the years to work it so I don’t have to go home to visit my family.  But mostly, I love that the best meal imaginable is associated with this particular holiday.I moved into my current apartment over Election Day weekend six years ago and hosted both my family and my sister’s (in-laws) for Thanksgiving shortly thereafter.  It was probably my favorite holiday moment ever.  I really enjoy cooking, and I very much appreciated the opportunity to put my particular stamp on the holiday meal.  (Green bean casserole could fuck right off, is all I’m saying.)  I’ll have somewhat of a chance to do so again this year, and I think this is the right time to take on dessert.  I much prefer savory to sweet, so I very much hope no one will notice that my special “Turkey (Day) Cake” tastes exactly like the main course.