knock knock

Hello?  Is anybody in here?  Anybody home?  Anyone?  Jeez, what is this place?  It smells like moldy pie and taco meat.  And it’s so cluttered.  There are just piles of…. of stuff everywhere.  Nothing makes any sense.  Is that a…. I think it’s a Bryan Adams CD.  It’s hard to tell.  Everything is so goddamn dusty.  What the hell happened here?  Where did everybody go?

6 Responses to “knock knock”

  • Jodi Says:

    against better advice, I went back to Rockville. I’m afraid I’ll waste another year.

  • M-----l Says:

    As someone who’s trying to break the online habit, you were an inspiration to me. Now you’re back with your “navel gazing” tag and I’ve lost all respect. Go back into hiding!

  • phantomxii Says:

    Hey, did I ever mention how Bryan Adams was only like 9 years old when…eh, never mind.

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