Sep 12 2009

mad as hatters

This morning was the official kick-off for the Rock ‘N Roll Marathon training season.  There was no actual running involved (I’m still two or three weeks away from that), so I was able to attend.  The festivities started at about nine o’clock in Rosslyn.  I got to the Metro a little after eight.  I wasn’t expecting it to be crowded.

It seems there was a protest in DC this morning.  A bunch of uninformed and/or stupid people descended upon the National Mall for an astroturf rally organized and promoted by Glenn Beck and the Fox “News” Channel.  You might think that sharing my train ride with these mouth-breathers annoyed or angered me.  Well, you’d be wrong.  I learned a few things this morning.  For example, I’d thought this ridiculous “Tea Party” movement was an attempt to evoke the rebellious spirit of some of this country’s more radical founding fathers.  It isn’t.  “TEA” is an acronym, you see.  It  stands for “Taxes Enrage Americans.”  I never would have known, but yeah – now that they mention it, paying taxes is balls.  I also learned a lot about “Obamunism.”  One guy was just nuts about it.  I know he spoke truth to power because the woman sitting in front of me said he really “hit the nail on the head there.”

I wish I could remember all of the other witty signs I saw.  I thought about taking a few pictures, but then decided that these people – these patriots – would want to shy away from the attention.  All they want is to be left alone and to point out that Barack Obama is history’s greatest monster.  I admired the succintness of the sign that advocated “Deport Obama” but I have to admit my favorite was the one that (presumably) read: “I can’t wait for Cuban style [health] care.  Yippee!!!”  “Health” was spelled incorrectly.