philippides had the right idea, take two

There was a small change at this afternoon.  You probably didn’t notice, so I’ll just tell you.  One of the links over there on the left used to say “Marine Corps Marathon.”  Now it says “Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon.”  I officially signed up this morning.  Let’s hope I make it further than six miles this time ’round.

My ankle has been much better lately.  I started using only one crutch last week, and now I’m skipping the crutches altogether when hobbling around the office.  This afternoon I walked five or six blocks for chinese food without the crutches.  That may not seem like much, but it’s the longest I’ve walked unaided in well over a month.  And best of all, my leg wasn’t screaming at me all afternoon.  I’m beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel – and just in time for the Autumn of Hotrod.

Official training begins September 19, but my physical therapist says I should be able to start running again earlier than that.  I sure hope so.  I never thought I’d say it, but I’m looking forward to running again.  Oh, and that link I mentioned?  It goes to my fundraising page.  Feel free to check it out if curing cancer is something you might be into.

11 Responses to “philippides had the right idea, take two”

  • homebody Says:

    That's excellent news about the ankle! Also, very exciting about the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon, cancer-curing and rock and roll. Go, Hotrod!

  • AmyH Says:

    That fundraising page is for some dude named John, not Hotrod. I don't know that guy. So that means you're coming out to my 'hood, eh? I was just thinking about that this morning and was going to nag you about making a decision. I just may run the 1/2, since I think I'm back on the RAGNAR team. That race will be in February so the timing works out. Except your race is during my birthday weekend. That might not work out so well. Then again, my fastest 5k time was after a night of margaritas and Mexican food (and a morning of misery). Carbo-loading, AmyH style!

  • hotrod Says:

    That's just boilerplate text. I haven't updated and personalized it yet.But yeah, if all goes well (knock wood), I'll be out there in January. And I LOVE birthdays, so hopefully I could join in any festivities. Frankly, running a half-marathon seems a fine way to celebrate a birthday.My high-school cross country coach used to tell us (always with the caveat of "I'm not endorsing this") that he had a beer or two the night before every race. The night before the last 10k I ran, I finished off a six-pack. I was in the port-o-pot when the gun went off. I overtrained.

  • hotrod Says:

    Thanks, HB. Hopefully, I'll get far enough along in the training this time (and we'll be running someplace interesting enough) that I'll have some maps, just for you.

  • AmyH Says:

    I'm sure there will be festivities. Most likely more than one, so you are invited to any and all that may occur. If you need a place to crash, I would need a few letters of reference that you aren't some weird stalker dude with homicidal tendencies. I know that could be a deal breaker, but I'm just putting it out there.

  • hotrod Says:

    I promise I'm not a weird stalker dude with homicidal tendencies, but I won't need a place to crash regardless. Lodging is part of the deal, since I'm raising money and stuff. But thanks for (sort of) giving me the benefit of the doubt.

  • AmyH Says:

    Cool. Now I won't have to clean for company. Whew!

  • hotrod Says:

    Jeez, you wouldn't have to anyway. I'm the lowest maintenance houseguest ever.

  • Dabysan Says:

    He is a weird stalker with homicidal tendencies. Also, cult member. Beware.

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