and this time, it’s personal

i’m tired of soccer.  i am even tired of writing about how much it hate it.  so this is it: my last anti-soccer post until the
next world cup rolls around.

i have a good reason – especially this year.  soccer ruined my vacation.  i am not supposed to be in DC today.  i’m not even supposed to be in this country.  last fall when akaijen moved to the netherlands i quickly identified this weekend as a potential trip to visit.  not only would i have several days in the netherlands, but today’s stage of the tour ended there.  yeah – a trip to europe in early july sounded like a fine idea indeed.

but effing soccer got in the way.  because of the goddamn world cup, airfare was out of my price range.  i checked everything; i even considered trains from england and sweden and norway.  there was nothing.  so i am here in DC with no great cycle race to distract me.  yes, the world cup ruined my holiday.  even if i didn’t already hate soccer, i would now.

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